Allez operates a Food & Beverage Service, whereby our Master Mixologist & Sommelier can be made available by request to survey and offer professional support.

Effective in assisting establishments by implementing administration systems, organisation techniques, and staff trainning programmes, with immediate and long term benefits.

Knowledge and skills have been sourced throughout Italy, Great Britain & Croatia (where our Master Mixologist & Sommelier have worked)working with hotels, restaurants & bars to successfully highlight areas that could be improve and re-invigorate bar businesses in need of a fresh perspective. Small but useful changes including up-skilling staff and redesigning a cocktail and wine menu, which can improve morale and have a knock-on effect.

See our consulting service detailed below and if you think your business could benefit from our offering, please get in touch ( to explore how we can help you get your bar business back on track.

Our cunsulting services include

1. Location assessment
We check the location to experience the environment and get the sense of the service and final product.

2. Report or Proposal
A report is delivered to the client explaining various problems and finding areas that could be upgraded.

3. Bar Service
• Bar Setup & organisation
• Customer service and sales techniques
• Bartender skills, interaction, general beverage knowledge

4. Menu Design
The menu is designed based on your personality and brand, by the location and culture,recollected all in one product to define more prestige and awareness to new trends.